Warranty Policy

We guarantee our products, to the original owner, against defects in material or workmanship, provided a claim is submitted within 1 year of receipt of goods. If you receive your Athletico product and there’s a problem, please contact us and we’ll try our best to help you.

We strive to provide quality products, made of durable materials and thoughtful craftsmanship. We prioritize quality, functionality, value and customer service. However sometimes things happen, and keep in mind no product is indestructible.

Our warranty does NOT cover damage caused by:
- normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear includes, but is not limited to: scratches on the product from dragging, rubbing, or normal use; dirt spots; natural breakdown of materials or excessive zipper wear.
- punctures or cut. This is often seen when improperly opening the packaging with scissors or box cutters.
- abrasion. You can tear fabric with the right amount of friction over time, especially soft mesh fabrics.
- abuse, negligence, or accidents. This includes misuse, over-stuffing, or over-pulling of the product or parts of the product.
- exposure to extreme temperatures
- transport damage (for example, airline). Baggage handling damage is not covered by our warranty. We build our products to last, especially when intended for travel. However, improper handling can occur during transport. Claims for damage due to transport should be filed with the carrier before leaving the airport or arrival location.


Replacement Parts / Repair

Contact us at info@athleticogear.com to order replacement parts (zipper pulls, buckles, straps, tension locks, etc.) We do not offer product repair service.


Product Liability

Athletico has no liability arising out of any injury to individuals or property as a result of the ownership, possession, or use of any product manufactured, sold, or delivered by Athletico, its owner(s) or employee(s).


Making a Claim

We stand behind the quality of our products. If you feel you meet the warranty requirements, fill out the warranty claim, and we will get back with you usually within 7 business days.

We will follow-up with any necessary questions, including a picture of your product and a picture of the defect.

If the claim meets our guidelines, we will replace your product (at our discretion). We do not make repairs to products but do offer limited replacement parts. Note we may no longer offer the exact product in question or may be out of stock on the model or color, and your replacement may be a similar model or product.