Most school districts post a list of required supplies by grade level, but they always leave off one critical item. Despite being left off the list, parents never seem to forget to buy it anyways. And what an important purchase it is. The backpack. It's the statement piece of all student statement pieces. Nothing describes a kid's personality better than if they are carrying a unicorn-shaped backpack that matches their glittery Chuck Taylors or if they've chosen the neon green one to match their newest fidget spinner. As a parent, it is your job to guide them. It is your job to introduce them to new things. That's where the Athletico Stadium Backpack comes into play. 

Does your kid play sports? Get a backpack that can do double duty. Basketball in the fall? The Stadium bag is roomy enough to carry a basketball, an extra pair of shoes, and their homework.

Baseball in the spring? Use the two side bat pockets to organize their gear on the way to practice. The built-in fence hook will keep junior's backpack off the floor, his math homework safe from the dusty dugout. 

Don't buy a standard school backpack. Get a backpack that serves your kid and can handle all the school supplies and after-school supplies that he or she will need.